Oslo. Navigare Audio

Anders musical journey started in the early 00’s, when his older brother taught him the basics of beatmatching in his childhood home. Since this moment there was no turning back.

For almost two decades Anders have been a reliable source of purist psychedelia for those in the know. Partly as a visionary festival organizer and booking manager for international festivals, partly as a vagabond DJ, and today one of the label managers for Navigare Audio.

Countless gigs, in many corners of the European continent, from small private gatherings in the woods to Ozora Festival, have distilled a very distinct sound that rings true to Anders innermost core. From the early days of Zolod’esque night time Psy to today’s matured deep, entrancing Techno there’s a direct kinship – depth, hypnosis, subtlety, warmth, beauty, highest possible production value, and, above all, no bullshit danceability.

As a trusted and respected craftsman, behind the decks and as a festival and label manager, and as a dedicated dancer and inspired adventurer, there’s one simple truth to know about Anders. The beat will never stop.