DJ Bayawaka

DJ Bayawaka

Berlin. Merkaba Music | Shanti Planti

 From Jerusalem (Israel), presently living in Berlin. He is a true nomadic sonic warrior, playing constantly all over the globe and in all major festivals.

Known for his special diverse mixup of psychedelic bass, breaks and electronic chill out sounds.

Golan created his DJ project on 2011 when he started to preform & organize underground bass events in Tel Aviv.
In 2012 he joined forces with Enigmatik records (Australia) as a label DJ showcasing his taste and style of music.

Bayawaka, whose real name is Golan Aflalo, is an acclaimed DJ and promoter who originally hails from Jerusalem. Later relocating to Tel Aviv, Israel, he developed a fervor for music from a very young age, exploring genres that range from classic rock, hard rock, and metal to blues and Israeli music. As electronic music began to make waves during the 90s, Golan became an ardent follower of trance, techno, and progressive musical styles. By 2008, his interest had shifted towards Bass music, specifically genres like Glitch, Psystep, and Chillout, an evolution that gave birth to the moniker “BAYAWAKA”. This pseudonym aptly embodies his vast and varied musical palette.

Making a significant mark in Tel Aviv’s art and culture landscape, Golan actively engages as a club and festival promoter, even going on to curate art and music exhibitions. His musical talents have taken him beyond Israel’s borders; he recently wrapped up a successful European festival tour with performances at major events like Ozora Festival and Boom Festival.

Golan’s journey as a DJ officially began in 2011 when he started spearheading underground music events in Tel Aviv. This trajectory led him to Berlin, where he continued to evolve and align his music with the unique Zenon vibe, characterized by its deep, dark, and progressive trance sounds. Golan’s unwavering dedication and talent have earned him a coveted spot in the global psy-trance scene, under the banner of Zenon Records, a label renowned for its deep and intelligent minimal/electronica complemented by avant-garde sound design.