Norway. Shepherd Sound Systems & friends

Funkadelic mysticism with inspiration from psychedelic Rock, Trip Hop, Ambient music, ethnic and folkloric music – and a pinch of Berlin bohemian dystopia.

Stylistically, Huxby usually likes to serve a mix of groove, soul, and mysticism. Playing with the juxtaposition between familiarity vs. novelty in his sets. He never loses sight of his urge to dance, in that respect dance and movement always remains at the core of his musical signature. To embrace music with a silent mind and dancing body has always been one of Huxby’s outlets. To forget one’s humanness for a moment and step into the vehicle of sound. Hence Huxby’s sound, all be it fun and approachable also has that Rave element to it. Beyond his intent to hold space for dancers he seeks to evoke a deep-seated means for human transportation on the channels of audible vibration.

Fredrik Bekkby aka Huxby is a Norwegian born DJ, sound system operator, entrepreneur and founder of Shepherd Sound Systems. While most often seen publicly in the back of loud club rooms, he otherwise spends his days rather modestly and quietly with his family.

Fredrik fell in love with the rave scene back in the pre covid era traveling with friends to magnificent clubs and festivals of the German and Dutch electro music scene. Living in the music mekka of Amsterdam for a few years helped Huxby gain valuable knowledge about DJing and sound, which eventually led him down the audio path. He started DJing and quickly turned his interest towards working with sound. His first sound system was bought in Holland  with the simple intent of spreading joy and with an intuition that with persistence and dedication it would indeed be so.
It didn’t take long after his return home for that intention to begin manifesting. Since his return to Oslo in early 2022 his venture established trusted relationships with numerous promoters and organizers in the city, delivering high quality Funktion-One sound to a vide range of applications. OMG and Soria were among the first to spot Shepherd in its infancy and has remained one of its closest collaborators to this day. Soria Gathering in 2023 was the first festival they did together and the Gathering at Værøy this summer will be the next big milestone for this collaboration.