OMG Festival Meal Coupons

If you’re attending the OMG festival this summer we are providing food for those that have prepaid by buying meal coupons here.

There will be a communal cooking area for those that have not opted to take part in the communal meals. Please use this designated area for all personal cooking. No stoves or fires will be allowed in the camping forest due to fire risk and to preserve nature.

There will be one meal on Friday night, 2 meals on Saturday (breakfast and a late lunch/early dinner) and breakfast on Sunday morning.

You need to buy an individual meal ticket for each meal you would like. The cost per meal is 150 kr. Or if you would like all 4 meals then please select this option where you can buy all 4 meals for 500 kr.

Please let us know in the notes of your order if you have an allergies or dietary requirements, for example nuts or milk.