Yoga with Nathalie

A modern day yoginini

Yoga with Nathalie

Nathalie is a modern day yoginini with real life experience in using yoga as a transformational tool. She has turned misery to glory, and darkness to light by using simple but hardcore yoga science that she is now teaching to others on a daily basis.

She is not using yoga as a tool to become flexible and elegant, but to remain strong and keep stability even under the most harsh conditions. Nothing can treat oneness, nothing can beat yoga, it is the basic teaching of life, an invincible principle. If you are at one with yourself, you are on your way to become one with the whole of creation.

The last years she has been on a trail doing in-depth studies on pranic living and meditation. She has also used lots of time on experimenting with ancient tantric practices which is giving her power to evolve higher levels of human experience.

It is said that 90% of all health-problems can be cured with adjusting your diet, and improving the way you carry your body. By some extra consistent effort and yoga practice one can cure all problems, and more than that. By practicing correct yoga over time your life will become a journey of grace heading for nothing but glory.

In the festival she will improvise a yoga class which is specially made for those who attend and their current needs at the festival-ground