Techno \ Electro


PETTØ, the moniker of Sebastian Tarantino, is an emerging artist on the Norwegian electronic scene. Bands such as Kiss, Nirvana, Bestie Boys, and House of Pain marked his musical tastes in the late 90’s, but Daft Punk’s album debut Homework in 1997 marked his desire to go deeper in the electronic music. He started Djing in 2006 playing in clubs like as Mint and White in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Capital City. In 2012 he moved to Norway where he played with several collectives and clubs such as FLC, Töffee Toner, Eath is Flat, Tou Scene, Klubbur, Stavanger Musikkfest, Hjertøya festivalen, Steinbeat Festivalen, OMG Festival and Yes, It’s loud enough! Also, he played around Netherlands at events like Complex Maastricht, Percolar, Radio Hi-Tech, Vuurwerk, Initial, Tekkie among others. In 2019 Pettø created his own concept event based in Stavanger, Norway called “50 Fishes” focusing on Techno Music and aiming to bring to the spotlight and merge together new coming talents with experienced National and International Djs. Pettø Dj sets are characterized by deep and dark melodic techno styles full of energy that can be enjoyed in his presentations, so no best advice than experience it yourself.