TROLD (Forestdelic records)

Forestdelic records


Stein V Skjoldal and Bjørn Opheim was inspired by the psytrance of the late 90s when they came together and created what would later become norways most famous psytrance act ever.

Since 1999 they have been producing hard hitting and mind boggeling psytrance with a melodic and emotional layer to it. They are often refered to as a forest act, but doesnt have the typical forest mood to their trancemusic, even though it is in the same tempo-range. Themselves have stated that their music fits best when light goes away or when night hits the day.

The last decades the duo has been producing 3 albums with three different record labels, «Once upon a time», «Illusion of time» and «Time for solution» while touring the world with their full on mega madness music. They have played at major international psytrance festivals as «Universo Paralello» and «Boom» to mention some of their achievements.

In OMG Festival 2021 they will perform a DJ set with music mainly from their signed label forestdelic records.