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Dear OMG

For many years we only did events along the westcoast of Norway. Our journey to Oslo got delayed for quite some time because of restrictions due to a supposed health crisis.

It has now been two years since we had our first event in Oslo. It happened in the old world, when only 200 people were allowed per event. In normal clubs dancefloors itself were prohibited, one had to stay seated at all times, in fact there was no dancing accessible in the open market at all.

In private events like OMG we danced.

We had our first OMG Event in Oslo at an old gun-powder factory that we cleaned out ourselves, and turned into a temple. The event went on till 06 in the morning, it was great.

From here our Oslo venture picked up. We lost the private feel when the guestlists and the long opening hours had to go as the events grew proportionally. Unfortunately our chosen venues got bigger and more commercially fitted. On the other hand – dancefloorology got available to more people, we got to try out a variety of venues, and have more international artists. This gave us the opportunity to experiment with different configurations and new settings, which again gained us valuable experience and new ways to re-create the vibe.

Ways that are soon to be walked in the European club-scene.

See you in the next phase Oslo.
The Apocalypse is near.

Berner Garvik

A selection of photos from OMG in Oslo

Photos from Mikael Ortenheim and Heine Jensvold among others.

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Every event and concept has its own vibe, its own energetic signature. In OMG we are firm believers that the vibe at the event is our final product. We strive to create a intentional space with a distinct vibe using elements like music, arts, performances, decorations, services and guidelines to direct and adjust the vibe in the right direction. Our goal is to have a dancefloor radiating the power of the sun, caring for everyone, bringing vitality and vibrance into our lives.

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Not a regular night out

We are OMG.

We strive to stay ahead of the game and walk dangerously far away from the path of regular nightlife industry. We dont even identify as nightlife, rave, party or clubbing.

To be honest, we dont identify with anything but the sun. A superior force of infinite energy sharing abundant lifeforce with everyone.

We are OMG.